The third TEDxChalkida will take place in Chalkida on September 28 2019 at the Conference Hall of the Prefecture of Evia, Region of Central Greece, which is located in Haina st, 98 in Chalkida.

Our audience, the so called TEDxSters, is visionary people from different domains and walks of life.The attendance of the event will only be possible after submitting your interest in participating, following the global pattern of TEDx Events across the globe. In case demand is higher than the capacity of the auditorium, there will be specific criteria of attendees’ selection.

“Ethos anthropo daimon”.

“For man, ethics is his patron god” As Heraclitus described back in 6thC BC, it also determines what will happen to us in the future.

Ethos is our character. Our virtue. And passion. Our paths throughout history. The customs of past life and challenges of the future. Our experience and intense feelings. Difficult life choices and the redefinition of our course. Our childhood dreams and our later political consciousness. Ethos is the future.

The personal Paths we mapped (first event theme) paved the way for our second event, Evolution. The cornerstone of evolution is Ethos, the theme of TEDx Chalkida’s third event.



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The beauty of sustainable living.

Instructor: Anastasia Dalma
Duration: 40 min.
Number of participants: 10

Silkscreen Workshop

Instructor: Chariton Bekiaris & Kostas Zisimopoulos
Duration: 30 min. (3 sessions)
Number of participants: 15 (in each session)

Ethos: From antiquity to the modern era.

Instructor: “Ta Nea tis Technis” (Olinka Varvitsioti & Annita Apostolaki)
Duration: 40 min.
Number of participants: 15

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: Academy of Entrepreneurship

The European exchange programme for entrepreneurs
Rapporteur: Andreas Stefanidis
Duration: 20 min

* limited spaces available
** please note that you will only be able to register for the workshops after you have bought your ticket for the main event

  • Eirini Agapidaki was raised in Palekastro, Sitia, Crete and is a psychologist. She also holds an MSc in Health Promotion and Education and a Ph.D. in Health Psychology -both from the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens. In her doctoral research, she designed, implemented and evaluated a program for the early detection and management of maternal depression using ICT.

    She has participated as a research associate in several national, European and international public health research programs, has published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and gave many presentations in national and international conferences. She is appointed as a Lecturer of Public Health by the School of Medicine of the European University Cyprus and lives in Nicosia.

    She has a strong belief in people’s capacity for self-consciousness and awareness as well as in their ability to accept the obscured and aggressive elements of the self and transform them into sources of understanding, profound knowledge and creativity. She keeps wondering about many things, enjoys reading biographies and strives to parent herself.

  • Antonis Kalogeropoulos is an assistant professor in Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool and a research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford. For the past three years he has been part of the Digital News Report survey, the largest study on news use in the world with a sample of 74,000 people in 38 countries, including Greece. His doctoral thesis examined economic news and how it affects political attitudes.

    His talk will be focused on the recent changes in news consumption habits in Greece; the reliance on alternative news sources such as social media, and the lack of trust in traditional news outlets. He will further discuss the impact of these changes on public opinion, digital inequalities and the future of journalism.

  • Dr. Evangelos Liotzis is a sexuality expert. He received his PhD from the University of Athens. As a sex, relationships and marriage counselor he provides consulting services for individuals and couples in relation to their sexual, personal and social lives.

    He has published articles in scientific journals, has participated in academic conferences and research programs, and has been invited by universities for lectures. He has been an accredited lecturer at the University of Derby and he has recently published his book Pornographication: Tracing modern sexuality.

  • Ira Katsouda is a stand-up comedian who performs in Athens, Thessaloniki, and all parts of Greece. She is now preparing her second solo performance which she will put on in 2019-2020 in Athens and Thessaloniki.

    In 2014-15, in collaboration with A. Pasatis, she presented the first stand-up comedy battle in Greece in the context of the show “Everyone’s Own”, while in 2016 they organized and presented together the first live stand-up comedy talk show “The Comedians” (Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation).

    She has participated in ‘Stand Up for U’ 2016 for the program “Godfather of Unicef” that was transmitted by ALPHA channel and has also presented her work in TEDx events (Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis).

  • Fereniki Panagopoulou is a lawyer and assistant professor of constitutional law at Panteion University. She served for eight years as a legal auditor at the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, where she handled more than a thousand personal data protection cases. She studied law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Basic studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law), Fair and Public Health at Harvard University.

    She holds a Ph.D. in constitutional law and bioethics from the Humboldt University of Berlin. She has taught constitutional law, law and new technologies, public health law, American law and bioethics at the University of Berlin, the Faculty of Economics and Law of Berlin, Panteion University, University of Athens, University of Piraeus, University of Macedonia and the University of Peloponnese.

  • Christos Kiousis was born and raised in Athens, but he lives and works for the last 22 years in Thessaloniki. He studied Film and Television at the Stavrakos School, speaks English every day, German whenever he remembers it and Italian when being on vacation. He works in television productions since 1994.

    He co-presents the satirical broadcast “Radio Arvyla” in SKAI TV, presents his radio show every weekend at home radio 891.gr and writes in gazzetta.gr for Liquid Media. He is also the Director of Studies in SME Arts and Management at the DELTA 360 educational group. He is dreaming of traveling a lot, tasting new flavors, writing many stories and claiming one day to share enough of his time between his two beloved cities with bridges, Chalkida and Constantinople.

  • Martha Matsa is a Greek competitive swimmer for Olympiacos SFP, specialized in freestyle sprint events. She has been a member of the Greek national team since 2003, taking part in numerous competitions. As an athlete, she has enjoyed success in both national and international level including several national titles. Special highlight of her career has been her participation in three Olympic Games. 

    Martha also holds a degree in Educational Studies. She has worked as a school teacher in several schools across Greece. The arrival of a great number of immigrants in Greece has given her the opportunity to work for the so-called “on-boarding classes”, helping young children from other countries to learn the Greek language. 

    Her bifold experience of swimming and teaching allowed Martha to start the “swim for a good purpose” cause in 2019 in order to help immigrant children fight their fear of water. 

  • Yiannis Tsapras is an astronomer looking for planets around distant stars. He has participated in the discovery of dozens of exoplanets, including that of Proxima b, a terrestrial planet around our closest neighboring star.

    Yiannis currently works at Heidelberg University, where he coordinates an international effort to discover hard-to-find exoplanets in wide orbits using a technique called gravitational microlensing and a world-spanning network of robotic telescopes.

  • Serafim Tsotsonis is a pianist, music producer and sound designer. He has composed music for films, plays, documentaries, video art, TV spots, and has also edited productions of other artists and remixes of songs from a wide range of Greek and foreign artists. His personal work is characterized by experiments, creating his own exclusive identity: a mixture of soundscapes with melancholically atmospheric elements.

    He has also been represented as part of the duo Ocean Ηope, a collaboration with his sister, Angeliki. This project has been presented internationally with the EP “Chamber Dreams” and their first album “Rolling Days”, from Hush Hush Records (Seattle, USA).

    He recently released his fifth solo album “Believers” by Klik Records.

  • In this workshop we will try to communicate the “ethos” and the meaning of sustainability in a very creative way. Through experimentation we will try to perceive the energy that surrounds us; An inventive way of entertaining will help us to approach the concept of sustainability in terms of planning, education and culture. An interactive 3D puzzle specially designed for TEDx Chalkida audience will help us to achieve that.

    This Workshop is about silkscreen and its ways of art copy production and also of original composition; Chariton Bekiaris, who has lifelong experience in this special technique, and Kostas Ζisimopoulos, who has a deep knowledge of this art, will try to introduce the participants to this rather misunderstood technique.
    Chariton Bekiaris has created a unique design exclusively for TEDx Chalkida, which all participants will have the chance to print by themselves on T-Shirts, using the colors of their own choosing.

    Ethos: a word that has its origins in Greek antiquity and philosophy. What did the ancient Greeks believe about ethics, the epicenter of discussions today in the global cultural arena, where sponsorships museums receive from multinational companies are concerned?

    In collaboration with “Greek Travel Tellers”, “Ta nea tis technis” aims to initiate a conversation about ethics and museums with an experiential presentation on the use of ancient myths as a tool for moral education. “Ta nea tis technis” will exchange views with the audience using examples and bridging the gap between antiquity and the modern era.

    Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program launched in 2009 at the initiative of the European Commission, which offers young or ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain knowledge from experienced Entrepreneurs who run small businesses in one of the countries participating in the program.

    Over the past few months, the program is available beyond European borders for Singapore, Israel, and the USA. The exchange of experience takes place throughout the stay (1-6 months) beside an experienced businessman of another country (host entrepreneur), which helps the new entrepreneur to acquire the necessary skills for the administration of Small business. The program shall coordinate, in each EU country, intermediate bodies selected by the European Commission operating as local contact points.

    The Academy of Entrepreneurship is one of the intermediate bodies in Greece for the Erasmus program for Young Entrepreneurs.

    For more information about the program, visit the website:
    http://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/index.php?lan=el or contact the Program Manager Alice Reader at eye@akep.eu